Chakra imbalance and how to reconnect with your loving self

Your chakras (energy centers) are the spiritual organs that govern the flow of energy within you, affecting your vitality, your vision on life and your spiritual development. The perpetual flow of energy that moves as a river of light through your chakras will keep your body, mind and spirit in a positive spin.
7 chakra and how they affect your energy and bodyThe lack of energy flow, like air trapped in a stuffy room, can create stagnation, depression and even disease. Sometimes, we're unconsciously unable to hold on to our energy. When this happens, we feel drained and lose our zest for life. There are many ways this can happen in each of the different chakras. Energy can be lost if we feed it into negatives—a negative outlook about ourselves or others, anger, agitation, gossip, excessive chatter, hatred, jealousy. 

We can also experience an energy drain when we get into a spiritually unhealthy environment. When was the last time you interact with someone who is glum, and you begin to feel sad yourselves? Or just by being in a crowd or in a big shopping mall, we can get exhausted and out of sorts. Check out the chart below to see if your chakras are blocked.

how to tell if your chakras are blocked and ways to unblock chakra
This happens simply because that which has a lesser vibration than our own will sap and drain our energy, just as the parched earth absorbs water, unless we are protected and grounded.

When you start to feel something or someone pulling on your energy, that’s when you can turn to your spiritual toolbox to re-establish your equilibrium and connect with your loving Higher Self. Through chakra meditation, you can improve the balance of your key chakras and bring your health and mental attitude into a more peaceful state.chakra blockage cheet sheet, how to quickly unblock your chakra pointsLooking for another alternative to help protect and ground your chakras on a daily basis? Check out our collection of chakra products that help sustain and protect your energy flows.

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