5 awesome ideas for using your wall tapestry

Tired of your old and boring living space? Are you struggling to find something to put on your naked wall that will make your room feel more dreamy? Don't over complicate things as using a wall tapestry can be your quickest, simple, yet very effective solution to renovate and bring a completely different vibe to your home.

Here are 5 cool ways to use your wall tapestry to have a cosy and tranquil home:

⦁ Hanging a tapestry from ceiling
Apart from helping to hide unappealing spots, hanging the tapestry from the ceiling can bring a number of benefits. Not only it makes your room look more spacious and bigger, a suitable tapestry such as a universe or galaxy ones (insert link) that hung in the bedroom might be able to attract positive vibes and might help you connect with your spiritual self. The first thing you see in the morning can inspire you or the last thing you see before falling sleep can help ease your mind after a hard working day.

⦁ Round Floor Tapestry
Looking to take it one step further? Instead of hanging tapestries on the wall, how about making use of the round floor tapestry to instantly create an accent to your room. Round tapestries are great in the sense that they can be moved wherever you'd like. You don't have to keep them tacked into the wall and you can change them or move them whenever you need.

⦁ Beautiful curtains
Want to surprise your guest or simply just want a different but distinct look for your home? How about using them as a window curtain? Check out this beautiful DIY project that used our "Bloomin Succulents" to transform this lovely bedroom.

⦁ Furniture cover
Convert your traditional furniture into something magical by covering it with a marvelous tapestry . Over time, your furniture can get old and full of scratches. Simply spicing it up with an artistic fabric can give bring it back to life. For example, you can renew your old-fashioned couch by covering it with a stunning endless stargaze wall tapestry

⦁ Beddings
For those who aren’t quite so DIY inclined, simply lay a tapestry over your existing bedspread to lend new life to your room. Wall tapestry can bring the beautiful allure to your bedroom by covering the bed with original and striking artwork available in multiple styles and designs.

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